6 Weeks till’ Half Marathon!

phot1o 1I’m not going to lie.. I make really good smoothie bowls!

ph32oto 2Showing off my new socks..but they really are not ideal for a long run. Need better cushioning!

photo22 3Just a photo op before I embarked on my 10 miler earlier tonight!

ph11oto 4My before and after my long run.

I was excited and then I felt exhausted, lol. I have not run 10 miles in a long time–at least 5 months. I kept a good pace though and finished in 1:43ish. I thought that was pretty damn good considering the outcome of some of my long runs recently. Right now I feel like I did after my first half marathon. Yikes!

Tomorrow marks 6 weeks until my half marathon on November 10. I am committing 100% to my training and healthy eating for the next 6 weeks. I may not eat veggies all day everyday, but I’ll be avoiding processed foods. This is not something I eat too much of anyway, but I will be eliminating things such as bread, nut butters, french fries (my favorite), and certain soy products. The last time I had bread was literally over a week ago, but I have to make clear guidelines so that I am able to stick to a plan. Today I dug into the crunchy peanut butter jar knowing I won’t be having any for 6 weeks ;).

While committing to this for 6 weeks, I expect to improve my runs, feel better, sleep better, and lose fat. All muy importante for a race coming up. Wish me luck!

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