I’m back and I missed you all!

It’s been a long time my friends! [My blog is formerly known as Euphoria Via Health, remember me now?] Plant-Based Strong is my new journey! I have been doing a lot since my last post. For one thing, I have been taking prerequisites so I can start the Masters program in Dietetics and Nutrition (15 classes to be exact–and it is taking forever!). I find all of this time and dedication to taking basic courses well worth it because I am on my journey to becoming a Registered Dietitian. (I really can’t complain about the time and work going into this degree, because those in law and medical school will probably laugh at me.) I have much to do in the next few years, but I have nothing but excitement regarding this goal. In addition to my Master’s, I am studying to become a certified Health Coach, and this is something I will be able to do while I am school. I will keep you all posted about when I take the exam and when I will be offering services.

Oh! By the way, I finally finished my website, although I will not be publishing and sharing until I have taken my certification exam (don’t worry-this is going to be very soon!). I hope all of you have been well and enjoy some of the changes I have made to my blog. I need to catch up and post some new recipes.

Did I mention I also moved to Miami?!


Cheers! 🙂

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