Green thumb

Hello strangers! I have been living in a lovely condo with my boyfriend in Miami for almost a year now, and I have tempted the balcony garden. First things first, those pins on pinterest claiming you can re-grow vegetables…. it’s true!! At least some of them are! I have planted the bottom of a lettuce head about a month ago and this is what it looks like now: 13268_10205752690792350_8860767282346527179_nThe first lettuce I planted died, I think I watered it too much. I also attempted to re-grow celery–it started to grow and then stopped so I took it out, but I am going to try it again. I also have regrown pineapple and green onions. Garlic is next! I think I get my green-thumb form my mom, growing up she gardened on and off and had me helping her out. I always enjoyed playing in the dirt as a kid. I cannot wait to have a house with a yard! DSC00988 Till’ next time <3 me!

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