Recipe Feature: “Faux-fredo”


Healthy Recipe Ecstasy: Garlicky White Bean Pasta Faux-Fredo with Kale Pesto

There comes a time every few weeks where veggies start to run out in the fridge. Instead of running out to the grocery store immediately, I get creative with the pantry, usually using “processed carbs,” such as pasta. Everyone loves pasta, right? I just make sure to use whole grain, whole wheat, quinoa pasta or some other grain pasta, and sometimes I switch it up with a gluten-free kind. The key is sticking to the “healthier” options most of the time (and that doesn’t mean completely cutting out white pasta either, we live in the real world people). The point is trying your best, not trying to be perfect.

Anyway, I had little vegetables left in the fridge and I haven’t had pasta in quite a few days, so I knew pasta was on the dinner menu. But I was craving something creamy, and not tomato based. It didn’t take me long to stumble upon this recipe: Garlicky White Bean Pasta “Faux-Fredo” with Kale Pesto, made by Healthy Recipe Ecstasy. It sounded perfect, except I didn’t have any white beans! But I had tofu and cashews… the perfect substitutes for white beans and to obtain that “creamy” flavor. I’ll make sure to try this recipe again with white beans. Another change I made was adding basil to the kale pesto, because to me, pesto without basil and is like, pizza without dough. You need basil.

Well, I wanted to share this recipe because of how delicious and easy it was to make. I’m a huge fan of recipes that are easy, delicious, AND healthy. This creamy pasta seriously hit the spot, and I highly recommend it! Thank you Healthy Recipe Ecstasy!!



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