Conscious Bite Out: a volunteer’s perspective

Last night I volunteered at an exclusive event called Conscious Bite Out in Wynwood, Miami. The event took place in an enchanting, modern spot called The Sacred Space Miami, with dimmed lights, tea candles and spider green flowers delicately placed everywhere. It really was such a gorgeous ambiance that fit the theme of the event. This four course, wine paired dinner was completely vegan and served over 50 like-hearted people who were all passionate about the benefits of a plant-based diet yet wanted to have a great time. Originally I wanted to attend the event myself but it was a little bit too pricey for my graduate-student-wallet, and when I received an e-mail seeking volunteers, there was no question I would like to help!


photo // @pamelawasabi


photo // @carolina


photo // @pamelawasabi

The event started with Veev Organic cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, which was followed by the four course dinner that sat in a dining room with a huge communal table full of tea candles and the green spider flowers. It really was gorgeous! The chefs of the event were Massimiliano Lozzi from Full Bloom on Miami Beach, acclaimed chef and educator Pamela Wasabi, and Diego Tosoni from Love Life Wellness.


Although the coordinators of the event were professional, they were also super kind and friendly. The volunteers were allowed to try the food and even enjoy the cocktails and wine. My favorite part was obviously being able to try the food (every single person at the event was an acclaimed foodie), my favorite being one of the hors d’oeuvres: black peppercorn cherry nut cheese, with smoked black lentil and pomegranate on a raw rosemary crisp (pictured above). That little killer was packed full of deliciousness.

I was able to meet so many wonderful people both attending the dinner and those who were volunteering/working that held similar beliefs in the power of a plant-based diet. Being able to enjoy this event behind the scenes was totally worth it and I hope to volunteer for the next one.



  • Black peppercorn cherry nut cheese, rosemary crisp, smoked black lentil, pomegranate
  • Wild porcini mushroom cauliflower risotto, woodchard asparagus, on a cream of vegetable reduction
  • Capresa bite infused with sweet onion balsamic reduction, basil arugula pesto


  • Raw living sushi roll, ginger, wasabi pate, mango chili sause, sprouts


  • Crispy green kale & rainbow heirloom carrot strudel, ‘cream cheese’, wild flowers


  • Red beet ‘pappardelle, purple asparagus, oyster mushrooms, grape tomatoes, cream sauce, fresh herbs


  • Hazelnut waffle, rosehip cream, black fig and liquorish ice cream, dark chocolate, rum

“Why do We do what we do? Because We believe that by creating awareness about our food choices, to the community and to our local Chefs, can inspire and support a change that is not only much needed for everyone’s health but also the environment. The future depends on us…” – Conscious Bite Out


 Till next time, <3

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