Dietetic Intern + New Endeavors

If any of you have maintained a blog for years, then you understand the realities of coming and going in your blog life due to literally anything else in the world. Although I have been in and out, I have (or at least tried to!) maintain my website with the long lasting goal of making it into a career one day. And that’s why I am here to announce my decision to start my own nutrition private practice!

Throughout some blog posts I have mentioned my current life situation regarding school, getting my Master’s in Dietetics and Nutrition and eventually needing to complete an internship and take the RD exam. Now, with my Master’s degree completed and more than half way through my internship I am more convinced than ever that starting my own business is my ultimate goal. I knew for a long time that being a business woman was in my genes. Matter of fact, I chose my undergraduate business degree with the awareness that one day, no matter what I ended up doing, it would involve being in a leadership position. But it was post bachelor degree that I realized my passion for anything nutrition and health-related, and therefore my decision to attend graduate school for Dietetics. It was important for me to chose something that I knew would excite me every single day. Work doesn’t feel like work. Studying doesn’t feel like studying. Helping others reach their health-related goals is my goal. The amount of happiness and pride that comes with this enormous life decision is overwhelming to say the least, but in every positive way.

My days have been consumed with a 9-5 internship (aka free labor!), projects, and brainstorming business ideas (plus cleaning beaches and testing new cuisines: see photos!). I am constantly reading anything and everything related to starting a business and being successful in that business.

SNEAK PEAK! -> One particular addition to my future website includes an educational database for my followers. My website will no longer be just a blog, but will include recipes, tips, and educational material for download regarding certain disease management, diet trends, and even cooking techniques. 

[Vegan chana masala]

[Me, my angry face, and all the BS picked up on the beach]

Maintaining my blog is just one small way I need to start this new endeavor. I hope you join me as I reach my goals so that I can finally provide you with a ton of exciting stuff that you can use in the future! Thank you so much for reading, let me know what you think and if you have any ideas for this future Registered Dietitian in private practice!

I have created a new Instagram account as well, @wellnessliving_rd.

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