Click "client login" at the top navigation, which will direct you to log in to your personal account page. If you need help navigating the client portal system, please contact Sheila.

I'm a current client, how do I login?

Do you take insurance?

At this time, Wellness Living and Nutrition does not accept health insurance.

You can become a client by calling Sheila at (561) 289-5682 where you will be given instructions on how to register with the client portal. This resource is HIPPA compliant and allows you to do many different things like schedule appointments, view purchases, set personal health goals,  keep a food journal and even message the Dietitian with questions and comments. You can view the different memberships here.

How do I become a client?

Do you provide meal plans?

Sheila works with clients to provide sustainable health behavior changes based on their unique nutrition needs and goals. While meal plans can be an effective tool to living a healthy lifestyle, Sheila will not create meal plans without collaborating with the client. In other words, Sheila only provides highly individualized meal plans with clients during their sessions if that is their main objective.

is this a weight loss program?

Wellness Living and Nutrition is a private nutrition consultation that promotes a better relationship with food as well as behavior change techniques to adapt a healthier lifestyle. We all have very different nutrition needs and goals, and some may want to lose or gain weight, either for health or other personal reasons. Sometimes weight loss is necessary to help with blood sugar control, decrease inflammation, or decrease blood pressure (to name just a few!). While Sheila always supports the clients personal goals through proper education and recommendations, there are no cookie-cutter recommendations!

At Wellness Living and Nutrition, client privacy is a top priority. All discussions with clients are kept 100% confidential, as the partnership between Dietitian and Client is always based on trust and respect. Intake forms, assessment forms, personal health information and business banking information are kept confidential through a HIPPA compliant and secure database. 

Is my personal information kept private? 

Currently, office hours are Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturdays 10am - 3pm. There will be an additional fee for weekend sessions.

What are your office hours?

Yes, video chats are available through a secured database.

Do you do virtual sessions?