Healthy living goes beyond the fork.

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Utilize the following products, websites, articles and resources on your personal wellness journey. These are my favorite recommendations. I am not being endorsed to promote these products!

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Personal Care, Cosmetics, & Home

The personal products we use on a daily basis can influence our health because of the ingredients they contain - Some ingredients are safe while others have been shown to cause a number of health concerns. Check this list for shopping tips, and utilize EWG’s Skin Deep database to look up hundreds of products and find out their rating. These are some of my favorite products - either they are my usual brands that I use regularly or they have been highly rated on Skin Deep.




Skin care






Home & Cleaning Products

Green Cleaning!

Visit this EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning for more information and to become an informed consumer


Favorite Food Products & Brands

These are some of my staples