Sheila works with a variety of clients and health conditions, but specializes in these areas.

Integrative nutrition + Alternative therapies

Integrative nutrition and wellness focuses on the root cause of health conditions - rather than symptoms - in order to heal the body. Sheila’s approach to integrative nutrition includes using alternative therapies such as mindful living and eating, behavior change, detoxification protocols, and an overall non-dieting approach. Sheila always works with her clients to help them make systemic dietary and lifestyle changes before recommending supplements and medication.


Inflammation is at the root cause of almost every health condition - diet and lifestyle choices greatly impact how your body responds to inflammation. If you are struggling with aches, pain, or other chronic diseases, you’ll receive the proper education and guidance on appropriate food and lifestyle choices to eliminate inflammation and the corresponding symptoms. Learn how to include an anti-inflammatory lifestyle to ease pain and improve your health. 

Digestive health

A variety of health conditions are the result of chronic inflammation inside the body. In addition, the majority of our immune system lies within the digestive tract. From bloating to joint pain, there are certain foods or health behaviors that may be contributing to your digestive problems. Work with Sheila to restore gut health and identify which foods might be problematic for you.

plant-based nutrition

Sheila was formally a vegan for 4.5 years and as a result understands everything there is to know about a vegan diet. From recipes to specialized nutrition needs like supplements, WLN nutrition consulting can focus on your unique dietary and lifestyle choices while ensuring you are meeting your health needs and feeling your absolute best.

General wellness

General wellness encompasses a variety of lifestyle behaviors or goals and educational topics such as and not limited to - meal prepping, how to eat an overall healthy diet, how to incorporate physical activity into your life, or how to build a better relationship with food.