Nutrition can be tough.

But it shouldn't be. On a day to day basis, food should be enjoyable and life should be pleasant. We shouldn't fear food or have a phobia for certain ingredients (yikes, gluten!?). We shouldn't be addicted to counting calories or macros, and we should not be obsessed with obtaining a number on a scale.

Nutrition is an ever-changing concept and unfortunately we often turn to Dr. Google for our nutrition advice. If there is so much information at our fingertips then why are we so overweight and the sickest we have ever been? Why are we constantly trying out different diets if we swore the last one created miracles? Furthermore, did you know that not everything you read (or see or hear) on the internet is true? Gasp! Any Joe Shmoe can post an article with absolutely no evidence or credibility whatsoever. What’s alarming is that we tend to believe anything we read and the majority of what we hear from others (check out my article here on why Registered Dietitians are the top nutrition experts). Even if some of it is credible, why is it so hard to put this information into action? And why doesn't it ever last?

Everyone knows the basics of a healthy lifestyle. "Don't smoke, eat your fruits and vegetables, drink water, be physically active....." We've heard it all, right? But the majority of people do not follow basic nutrition advice. Something is clearly missing. That something is behavior change. Taking nutrition information and being able to implement it into our daily lives is the key to health and wellness. 

There are hundreds of weight loss programs and meal plans that have the potential to work–in the short term. As soon as you stop the weight loss program or stop the meal plan, what are you left to do? That’s why "yo-yo dieting" is so prevalent and why the focus on weight loss alone generates poor long-term results. These type of programs do not teach you how to eat healthfully. In actuality, they disconnect you from being mindful of your food choices and your health. Following a plan or program so you can follow along mindlessly will not have a successful outcome. So, you’re left with a temporary weight loss that always comes back (often times gaining even more weight than starting), some seriously screwed up hormones and metabolism, and you’re still clueless on how to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. 

That’s where WLN comes in.

Wellness Living and Nutrition promotes a new way of living. Break free from the diet culture and learn to create a healthy lifestyle through sustainable changes. Stop obsessing with obtaining a specific number on a scale. Your health and wellbeing are way more important than any number that you may think defines you. Believe it or not, it is possible to experience vibrant health without it consuming all of your time and energy.

The weight loss programs listed above are linked to the traditional approach to medicine - treating symptoms or creating only temporary results. Conventional medicine and nutritionists focus on acute care, the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions that are aimed at treating the immediate problem. (Think, taking an Advil for reoccurring headaches or back pain, taking medication to treat high blood pressure, restricting calories to lose weight - these are all traditional methods to healthcare). Integrative and functional medicine, on the other hand - the foundation of Wellness Living and Nutrition - seeks to identify and treat the root causes of symptoms (including obesity), viewing the body as a whole, integrated system. This approach has the potential to heal the whole body, not just the symptoms. 

WLN fosters a partnership with clients to create sustainable behavior changes based on the clients' goals and desires. You are in control. You decide what your goals and actions will be. You determine your outcomes. Sheila is your main support system while providing you with self-management techniques and basic education regarding nutrition and disease management. Breaking free from the diet culture, experiencing food freedom, and learning new behaviors can take time. Real progress and behavior change takes time. It’s the nature of the beast. But most importantly, research supports the notion that we can shift our habits and develop positive, long-lasting changes by utilizing scientific-based counseling techniques with a healthcare professional.

Are you ready to implement long-lasting changes and experience a wellness lifestyle? 

Sheila the Dietitian

A special message from the dietitian - 

As a Registered Dietitian working in this tough industry, I am constantly judged by my dietary and lifestyle choices. These evaluations and remarks are a constant reminder that we are not where we should be in the world when it comes to health and nutrition! As a professional yet just an average human being, I understand how difficult it may seem to adapt a healthy lifestyle when we are constantly being judged or expected to be a certain way by friends, family, and even the society as a whole.

While there are basic nutrition concepts that can support an overall healthy diet and lifestyle, we are also meant to live freely and break the rules. I'm all about guidelines and routines, and I even think routines are one of the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle. However, life is not black and white. We cannot (and should not!) control every aspect of our lives. That's what balance is all about. I dedicate my practice to helping you reach this balance through compassion, respect, and empathy. We are all a work in progress, and we are always trying our best.


The mission of WLN is to provide integrative nutrition coaching by cultivating self-care and behavior change to promote peace with food and live well. Client success is my top priority.

In life, one has a choice to take one of two paths: to wait for some special day - or to celebrate each special day.
— Rasheed Ogunlaru